How It Works

The ratio-drive RoboKey quadruples your wrist turning speed to robotic performance, zipping out those long drum bolts and making head changing less of a headache. The only tool of its kind, the patented RoboKey increases every turn of your wrist into FOUR spins of the bolt, making drum head maintenance easier. It works in both directions. To remove a bolt, loosen it slightly, then hold the gear pod with one hand and turn with the other. The bolt is zapped-out at 4X speed. That’s it! You’ll find yourself reaching for RoboKey for all your tuning needs. Designed by a drummer FOR drummers, RoboKey has no adaptors to lose and with real machined gears inside, it’s built for a lifetime of rugged use. If you’re a drummer, pick one up at your favorite drum store or online. If you’re a retailer, shouldn’t you be selling RoboKey? Contact us or Big Bang Distributors!

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